Scented wax tablets

Scented wax tablets are called by the Italian: tavolette di cera profumate. The key ingredient of scented wax tablets are natural essential oils of the highest quality. Essential oils are plant fragrance essences that are most often extracted in the process of steam distillation or that are cold pressed (from e.g. the fruit rind). The fragrance come from various parts pf the plant: flowers, stems, bark, wood, roots, seeds, resin.

Although two wax tablets may be decorated with the same dried flowers, fruit, grass, seeds, leaves, plants, spices, each one is different as they are hand-made. The body of wax tablets is made of paraffin or botanical wax which preserve and gradually release essential oils aroma.

Three lives of scented wax tablets

Pachnące obrazki mają trzy życia.

Life ONE: Scented wax tablets spend their first life hiding away from the world – in closets, wardrobes, drawers, finely sharing the scent with the clothes.

Life TWO: As the scent fades away the wax tablets leave for other places at home to constitute a beautiful decoration – they stop at a desk, hang from a lamp, sit on a book shelf, move to the kitchen or even to the bathroom.

Life THREE: If you believe in fortune telling, you may pour your melted wax tablet on cold water on a traditional Polish St. Andrew’s night to see what the future will bring you.

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